Avon Vale is an N gauge Modern Image Layout set in England near the Welsh borders. It is set about 1990, and depicts a small traction depot and storage yard. It is built on two 4 foot by 1 foot shelfs brought from B&Q. this makes it 8 foot long and 1 foot wide. This project was only started on the 9th September 2009 as an attempt to see how fast i could fly a layout by in so i had an extra layout for a show!!!. 

The points are manual control and the main shed is scratch built. It will be running DCC stock. I have used mainly cardboard and embossed plastic sheet exclusively.

The building in the still to be finished yard is from Kestrel Kits, and the portacabin is from knightwing.

The large building in the background was scratch built from Ratio Builder pack embossed sheet. 







This layouts concrete areas have been made from plastikard. I hand engraved all the concrete sections into it before spraying it grey, When the entire layout is finished i will weather it all in one and the concrete will become a lot yellower. 

The trackwork is Peco the walls and retaining walls are hand made from plastic sheet and the people are from bachmann farish. Other parts are all from Knightwing who make fantastic products for modern image in both N and OO.

All the grassy areas are about 6-9 layers of flocks and foams deep to give the areas depth. I still have a way to go to complete this layout but its not far off !! will be posting more pictures when i have finished it !!



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