Challingbrook Motive Traction Depot is an OO gauge layout set in 2001. The story is that Fragonset carried on trading and got a bigger base. They have also taken on work repairing and running a fleet of heritage deisels. 

There is also a Modern Steam Depot which looks after and services the Steam engines running on the mainline, Sometimes they might also turn up at the shed to be fixed or checked over.  I havent built that half of the layout yet but its getting there.

This layout is DCC and will be 20 foot long and 4 foot wide when finished. The trackwork is all Peco and the points are manually operated as is normal with most of my layouts. 

I run mostly DCC sound locomotives and a small amount of rolling stock, altho due to my hatred of actually running them normally i get someone else to do it. 

The Layout is to me more about the structures and scenery than the railway. The railway is just there to allow me to  build and lay scenics which are my forte.

Nearly all the structures are either kit bashed or scratchbuilt. This includes the retaining walls and all the bridge structures. This is the first OO gauge layout i have ever built and i have learnt a lot building it. Most of the detailing parts are either conversions or off the shelf odds and ends.

If you have any questions about the layout please email me !! Hope you enjoy the pictures

A couple of locomotives outside the shed, networker waiting to be cleaned on the electric storage line. Below a host of deisels spilling out the shed.


Class 09 pulling in old coach, as the 08 heritage shunter pushes  a broken diesel back up the storeage line.





Type 27 Wickham Trolley on the loop line waiting to be  filled up.





Above Lineside workers strimming back the brambles. 

Below 09 Dick Hardy running back to the store loop.



Power Box scratchbuilt before scenic overlays.


Power box lit up interior  - unfortunatly i havent got a lens capable of shooting this well.


Most of the overhead of the layout.


Policeman telling off two football louts who have just been to the game. 

Below a close up of the lineside workers strimming away.



Brambles growing over the fence and below flowers and long grass grow beside the track.






Two lit phoneboxes, acheived by adding LEDs.

Below the part finished road bridge abutment again scratchbuilt from Slaters plastikard.


Plants are made from static grass, Noch grass clumps and fine cut foam peices. I use approxamatly 20 different flocks and graound covers. It is all fixed with white glue watered down then the finer detail is fixed with extra firm hold hairspray. The trees are from scenecraft and then upgraded.


The lights were from then internet, i forget where now but i altered them and made them a lot higher. Building below is scratchbuilt  from wills plastics.


Shop is also scratchbuilt with working lights fitted in the telephone boxes. again built with Wills Plastics. Below is my modern image power box. It took a very long time to make from scratch and also has a completly lit and modelled interior.



All the walling is built from scratch, ballast is supplied by Javis fine brown ballast. Fencing is from Ratio.







Above lamp post is scratchbuilt, walkways are made from plaster painted with a textured paint. The building below is from a ratio kit heavily altered and made to look derelict.


Fuelling depot is made from two knighwing kits, it is fitted with flat leds. The gantry crane is from a ratio kit and is pretty much as is from the kit.






Above the Coach walkway on the electric line. Below the interior of my huge locomotive shed, as yet unfinished and unroofed.






Most of this layout has been built from scratch, this is only board one. I have many new ideas for board two including a modern steam depot and a turntable. 

It will also have a smaller shed for the shunters and a couple of electric sidings connecting to the main line.

To build this layout i have spent many hours trawling the internet looking for the various parts I might need.  There were quite a few parts that are either difficult to get or impossible. I just made these instead as it was an easier option.

This layout has already been to show once and is about to go again even in its part finished state. I am hoping i will find the time to finish it but i have to fit it into other projects.

Nikki  x

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