N Gauge is 1:148 in the Uk. 

It is also known as 2mm Scale ( 2mm = 1ft ) although this is not strictly true as true 2mm / 1ft scale would be 1:152.3

It is 1:160 in America , Japan and the rest of Europe. 

The width across the track is 9mm.


There are many producers of N gauge in the UK the Most well known being Graham Farish who are now owned by Bachmann. 

Dapol also produce locomotives and rolling stock. 

Peco also produce a limited amount of wagons and the odd locomotive. 

Dcc Is starting to become the norm in this area as well with some american models having sound chips and speakers fitted as well. 

There is also many scenic supplies and kits available right across the range, most copied from OO gauge versions.

Hornby have recently started to produce a range of scenic accessories in there Liddle End range.

N Gauge Scratchbuilt Terrier



This is my scratchbuilt N Gauge  Terrier, I was building it as there was nothing available. It took me a long while to make this prototype and i was about to look into getting a model kit produced, When Dapol announced their terrier. It was built from plastikard with the boiler coming from a lipliner tube ( hence its pink ).

The metal fittings i removed from various old kits i had. To make the model i used plans from an old magazine  and reproduced them to N gauge.

This was an extremely small model to produce and i did find it quite hard to make. : )


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