This is all my OO gauge work that isnt connected to a  Layout.  Most of my buildings are either scratchbuilt or kit bashed. I have also spent some time teaching myself to respray. Most of the items on here i am happy with. Some items on this page are for sale at a sensible offer. Codes are next to them if you would like to purchase them.

This is a scratchbuilt model of a Wickham Type27a Track Inspection Trolley. It is built completly from plastikard and strip and as yet i havent managed to find a gearbox to fit its micro motor. 

I am Hoping to find one at some point so this little track vehicle can be used. A gaugemaster Very small DCC chip will fit in it.


This little shop was built because i was bored ...... Its based roughly on a very tiny little shop i saw on holiday in wales. Its built from Wills Plasticard and the roof slates are hand cut. I plastered the front with Tetrion filler mixed with PVA. 

If u are interested in purcahsing this building please quote B006.



This tall fuel tank was made from a piece of thick kitchen tube. I wrapped the tube in .10thou plastikard and sealed it with superglue. When it was dry i inscribed the plasti kard with a scribe to mark out the lines and rivets.

The small additional parts were added from various kits. I was then sprayed in Car body grey primer.

I then painted it silver with humbrol buffable enamels before finishing the base in black acrylic.

This would be a great little project for anyone starting out to try.


This little kit was a ratio kit that came with the Oil storage tank kit. I adapted it to be a pump house and built an interior for it complete with working lites and all the pumps. The two little orange parts on the wall are little His vis jackets. The exterior of the pump house is still about in a box of bits but the interior ended up inside the wall of the challingbrook layout, and can all been seen through the windows. 


This is a piece of work i am very proud of.

I started by using a chassis from a langley compressor kit. It was a very old styled compressor and i wanted to update it to a modern one.

So i shortened the chassis and built a completly new body from plastikard. I used the wheels from the kit and also an air tank. 

I engine inside i took out my parts box and have no idea where it actually came from. I then added an exhaust and air pipe feeds.

It was painted in dirty yellow, weathered and had its markings added.

This is now a permanant fixture of my challingbrook layout.


This little scenario is built from Slaters plastikard, Wills Plastikard and various extra parts. The entire model is Scratchbuilt. and it is fitted with a single peice of narrow gauge track. The gates are handmade from wire and soldered together

This is available for purchase please Quote B008





This Autocoach is a repaint. It was a hornby one i brought new. I decided i wanted it in modern blood and custard. When i say modern, I mean as is on a preserved line. I stripped it added different bogies, slightly more weight and a repainted interior. After i had sprayed it i lined it out with gold and then applied HMRS BR transfers.

This coach is available for sale please quote C113 if you are interested  ( £40.00).





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